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  1. Hi. I hope I'm asking this in the right place but please forgive me if not. I had a situation today where one person was causing chaos by reckless driving so I made an in-game report. It was probably declined because he's still not banned an hour later. So far I haven't done a website report. My evidence is clear as day, so can I, or will I be breaking rules for repeating reports? Because I know you can't repeat website reports for the same user but I'm not clear whether I can repeat a report if the first was in-game only... Thanks! Joshua
  2. I really appreciate your reponse, it was very helpful. I was afraid that if I choose a different sim, I will get myself banned for lying about which sim it is so, I will do the report later but choose a different sim (and add the note about which sim it truly was. My query is fully solved. Thanks again!
  3. Hi all. I attended an event today on a dedicated server and needed to make two reports. I have the video evidence and I've done one of the reports. I'm ready to do the second report but I've used all reports, so I understand I have to wait until my old reports are dealt with. However, during reports, you must select which server the incident took place on. If it takes a few days for me to be able to have a report available to use, what should I do in terms of selecting which SIM? Because the event server won't exist in a few days, I'm not even sure if it does right now. So it won't appear
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