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  1. that looks cool ^^ i started again recently. i live in germany and build where my home is. Since I also live near the Netherlands, it is also included in my map
  2. my best feeling is when the trucker trolls or blocks etc. that they are away from the window when the admins are there ^^
  3. Hallo alle zusammen. Meine Spedition DHT hat bald Ende März Geburtstag. Und natürlich wird ein Konvoi gefahren. Hierbei gibs dazu eine Story zum Konvoi ^^. Wer Lust und Laune hat mitdabei zu sein, kann gerne auf den Einladungslink klicken. Alle Infos zum Konvoi sowie Story inkl. Aufträge, steht in der Einladung. Gerne einfach das Anmeldeformular ausfüllen und schon steht nix mehr im Wege. ^^ https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfRgLjRPqogZMx9qBC6LwK2J06nnCgAog9U2hZpJlTvItuCmA/viewform Und auf der TruckersMP Event Seite gerne Anmelden für ein Event Server beantragung (im n
  4. Because truckers love traffic jams and challenges. and the landscape is great too ^^
  5. I myself think many places are great. I mostly only drive Promods, because Promods has great places. I like going to Balivanich in Scotland. But also in Iceland and Scandinavia. In ATS, I like to travel to washington and Colorado. Write your favorite places too. I would be interested ^^
  6. Peterbilt is love ^^ and Volvo
  7. Since I've been in a shipping company for 2 years, I've kept my top speed up to 90 km / h. sometimes 95 but never over 100 ^^
  8. I'm currently building my home and around 50 km of surroundings. how is it with you guys? do you also like to build in ETS or ATS?
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