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  1. That'd be the smartest option for people who don't want to spend hours at the time on submitting reports. If Simulation 1 isn't pleasing enough, I'd recommend purchasing the full game with all map expansions and utilizing the ProMods server. The experience is a lot more pleasant than anywhere in Germany, Netherlands, or Northern France on Simulation 1. Plus you get additional content SCS hasn't released yet.
  2. Compared to 1.39 and previous versions? Yes. Compared to real life counterparts? Not quite. Low beams are too dim especially during day and sunset, but driving during night hours is a lot more atmospheric.
  3. Such a terrible take on this subject. If you don't wish to abide by traffic laws or rules and want to impede others who appeal to them, choose to play on arcade servers, or not at all.
  4. From my observation, the most passionate and respectful truckers are those who drive irregular routes and/or in nations that were implemented after release (e.g. France Expansion, Scandinavia). I have given up driving in West Germany-Netherlands not for the constant trolling and reckless driving but also badly designed roads and out of date maps that make the experience unpleasant. Not to mention the mess of Duisburg-Calais. If you're playing during peak hours or up until early midnight there are plenty of truckers left on the roads even in Romania. I hope TruckersMP will
  5. Suggestion Name: Total player count in Tab menu Suggestion Description: The Tab menu should feature over a total player count of the server you are currently playing on. A total player count will be compact and allows truckers to easily check the online count in a matter of seconds without using /server or the TruckersMP real time traffic map or server status. Any example images: PLAYER COUNT IN TAB MENU Why should it be added?: -
  6. Suggestion Name: Status update for feedback system Suggestion Description: The web report system features over a status update on the system's load and usage. Applying the same feature to the feedback system will make others more aware of the waiting period and time of procession of their ticket. Any example images: PREVIEW Why should it be added?: -
  7. Suggestion Name: Transparent trucks and trailers in NCZ Suggestion Description: It is not uncommon for other truckers to be stationary on cargo, dealership, and other markers whilst inside a *NCZ to perform deliveries, repair their trucks, or because they are simply taking a break. Giving truckers a feature to turn other trucks half-transparent will greatly improve the trucking experience, allows easier spotting of markers, and creates a more cozy environment without all the trucks and trailers around. **This change perhaps increases the chance of higher FPS in Duisburg and other high den
  8. Suggestion Name: Increased timer on automated kick for headlights Suggestion Description: Truckers who experience engine malfunctions during dark hours should be exempt from the regular 15 seconds headlights warning. Heavily damaged trucks often require more than 15 seconds to recover and truckers face an unnecessary punishment; not for their negligence but for not acting fast enough. An increase of the timer from 15 to 30 seconds (limited to engine malfunctions) will allow truckers to safely pull over and recover their engines without getting kicked and having to reconnect to the server.
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