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  1. I can definitely see that some days it might be better to do something casual. Probably gonna jinx myself now but I seem to have been pretty lucky recently and haven't been been crashed into.
  2. I have really began to focus on heavy cargo as I find it more interesting than normal trailers and it can require more focus depending on the turn you have to make. What is everyone's favourite, Heavy haul or Light loads?
  3. Taking back roads is way more interesting but if I don't have much time to play I normally just go on motorways as it's normally quicker.
  4. Scania has got to be my personal favourite, I think that it looks the best on the exterior, The v8 interior also looks too good and has a good range of customisation for it without having to buy dlc. On the other hand with the dlc for the Volvo the trucks look really cool and if im not using the Scania im using that.
  5. @FernandoCR [ESP] Yeah, I get where you are coming from! I guess if you are not trying to take it seriously then crashing and bans are not gonna bother you. Getting banned or crashing on a job keep me from doing stupid things aha.
  6. I do my best to keep to the speed limits in game. For me, I am looking to simulate driving a truck in the correct manner. This also includes looking both ways at junctions when I can see players on my map. In a busy area this can take a little while before it being safe to pull out (much to the frustration of players behind me that probably just want to pull Infront of someone. Driving slower and making sure I'm good to pull out are key things that help me to avoid accidents and slow me to have fun without impacting someone else's fun. Something to think about though. If a simulation is to simulate the real world, then you have to expect people to speed and for things to go wrong. On my drive to and from work each day, I see plenty of people racing around, plenty of people that get in the wrong lane just to cut everyone up at the end. So without it, would it really be a simulation?
  7. After picking what truck to drive, I get straight onto a job. If I get to an area along the way that is busy and could result in me getting added to an accident, I normally pull to the side, have a watch, then pick the safest way through.
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