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  1. Happy Birthday 🎉🥳

  2. Thanks! But won't I use my profile etc when switching to SP from MP?
  3. Ok, so the yellow roads that I see I have to ride again? And yes, I will wait for the new DLC and ProMods update, still a few other achievements to get Thanks for the answers!
  4. After a very busy driving week I finally managed to get the 60% map coverage achievement by driving the last grey pieces of road. My map ( ETS starter, DLC's and ProMods) is completely yellow, besides a few tiny grey areas like juntions etc. How can I possibly get 100% coverage if Im at 60.25% now? Any ideas? THanks!! Soproni NL
  5. Level 59 - Legend!!  

  6. Ah ok, that's what I thought. That exact route I drove, but with the real roads / highways in Promods server. Thanks for the answer!
  7. Hi all, I was reading all the stuff about those kids ruining the Calais-Duisburg road so I decided to test it today. To my surprise its highway all the way in NL and Belgium, nice fast roads for 110 km/h. So my question is, is this road different on the old ETS starters map? I hope it is, because I stay with ProMods maps/server and avoid the stuff like Kirkenes and Calai Duisburg which is just not realistic. Any idea? Thanks Soproni - NL
  8. Ok, this problem is solved. I delivered cargo to Olbia and it got 'discovered'. So its fine, I have completed my Steam tasks now to discover 30 French and 30 Italian cities.
  9. Thanks, I have no other mods in TMP. I did however teleport to garage in Olbia, that might have caused it, although I drove all around and through the city
  10. Im only playing ProMods map, but will try the standard map. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, For some reason Olbia is the only town I can't 'discover' , no idea why, drove on all the roads, every direction. Is this a known issue/bug? Soproni
  12. For me it would be anywhere in Jordan/Iraq/Syria (ProMods server). Amazing scenery and atmosphere
  13. Someone here said 16/17 UTC a few posts ago
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