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  1. Suggestion Name: add a cool down timer to the /fix command Suggestion Description: When you use the /fix command there should be a 10 min (or whatever time is best) cool down before you can use it again. Any example images: don't have one Why should it be added?: so then the trolls don't just fix their truck and start ramming you again
  2. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!!! :D

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    Happy Birthday man! Hope it's a good one :D 

  4. Happy Birthday dude :) 

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! :P

  6. How can I change my forum name?

    thanks i didn't know i had to logout and log back in to change it
  7. How can I change my forum name?

    How can I change my forum name?
  8. Version Released

    ^ or you can sleep and get the jobs back so you don't spend money doing f7+enter