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  1. Honestly the mustang would be nice aswell, but i suppose that would be a patron only car.
  2. A yes, the wait is comming to a end Cant wait for this gorgeous map expansion.
  3. How is your day so far?😇

  4. Hey guys, hows your day?


    1. Snowy20


      My day has been great so far, What about you? ❤️

  5. I mostly drive long jobs with some relaxing music on promods. On sim 1/2 mostly mediums max 8 hours or so.
  6. Thanks for the follow🤍

  7. Ghello people, hows your day

    1. [BTR] iconsunny

      [BTR] iconsunny

      All great! what about you?

    2. Henrey


      Good to hear! Im doing great today, only school is killing me rn


    3. [BTR] iconsunny
  8. If you are planning on removing the ncz from duisburg or adjust it, can you just put some fences in the middle of the road to prevent people from overtaking? I guess that would help, it will slow down traffic probably the same as those speedbumps on the road towards duisburg. And it wil definetly make duisburg slower with traffic, but will probably prevent fast driving, ramming and other matters.
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