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  1. It may be rainy in the UK but it's always sunny in ETS2! Hope everyone is having a great week ?


    With @louabs behind the camera ?



    1. Rider.


       I am having an okay week, how are you this week Ollie?

    2. Ollie.


      Doing good ta @Rider., busy working week!

  2. Well hello everyone. Today marks my end of being a GM for TMP. Unfortunately things got a bit bad for me, and taking time out was best. Anyway, haven't posted much here, so enjoy this new photo i took with @Wraith645 on my brand new PC in Iceland ?


  3. How has everyone's weekend been? ?

  4. Thank you to everyone who has congratulated me on becoming Report Mod! You guys are ace! ❤️

  5. A huge thank you to everyone who has congratulated me and made me feel welcome here at TruckersMP. I look forward to seeing you all on the roads. Have a great week!

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    2. Arcticwolfs


      Hope you enjoy your new role.

    3. BudokanTB


      Congrats Ollie ? I'm sure you'll be a good GM.

    4. .Pedro.


      You are Welcome ❤️

  6. In the UK today it is a Bank Holiday. Happy Monday everyone whether you are working or having a break ?


    Here is one of the first ever photos i took ingame for you to enjoy. This came out surprisingly well for my laptop!





    1. .Pedro.
    2. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      very nice photo with sunset ❤️ 

  7. Happy Saturday! I have a week off work so time to relax. Have a good weekend ?

    1. .Pedro.


      Have a good weekend❤️

    2. Ollie.


      Tudo o que meu caminhão tem direito ?

  8. What a week. My first week into the working world has been rather tiring! Sorry for lack of activity, but i do have my week off next week! ?

  9. Urgh, Monday already? Have a great week at school, work, or even if you are at home ?

  10. Happy Sunday! Have a photo of where @Callum455 showed me and @Tony [UK] this super long tunnel that goes across Iceland! Still waiting for the day when i can kiss goodbye to low graphics! ?


    But hey, at least i can play TMP ❤️




    1. Arcticwolfs


      These photos people post and getting better everyday. Nice photo. 

    2. .Pedro.
    3. Ollie.


      Awh bless you @WNxArcticwolf. Appreciate it! ❤️

  11. It's the weekend! Have a great day! 

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    2. [MCG] RedWolf [CZ] ~

      [MCG] RedWolf [CZ] ~

      Thank you, I wish to you same aswell! ❤️ 


      Cya on the road


      RedWolf [CZ]

    3. .Pedro.


      And you too ❤️

    4. [16] Kahretsin Aklımdasın
  12. Behind bars....


    I have news! I have managed to acquire a small job to earn some money which will go towards a new pc. Hopefully won't be too long until i can go above low graphics xD


    This photo was taken with another Prime Logistics driver in this very small yard. So small you can't get two trucks in!


    Have a great Friday y'all, nearly the weekend ?



    1. A n t h o n y

      A n t h o n y

      NEW JOB?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!? ?


    2. Ollie.


      ty guys ❤️


  13. #throwbackthursday to my first ever drive in Iceland. @Callum455 introduced me to Iceland quite a while back now, since then i love driving over there! spacer.png

  14. Annnnd school is out! I'm hoping to earn money over the summer for a new PC. What will you all be doing over summer break? ?

    1. 18Wheeler.


      CC Work? Yos Kappo :kappa:

    2. Ollie.


      Real life work!

  15. Hope everyone has a great week ❤️

  16. Thank you for the follow! 

    1. 18Wheeler.


      No Problem 

  17. Final weekend drive before back to school on Monday. Got school exams this week then im off for 3 months so expect more activity in the next week! ?



  18. Thank you for the follow ❤️

  19. Yesterday was the TTFR 3 Year Convoy. Was an amazing drive! Here is a photo of Prime Yesterday (I'm the Actros at the far end) All credits to @bluca_03





    1. wesleyr99


      Very cool photo ?

  20. My daily ❤️



  21. Couldn't resist taking this cheeky shot with @Ashley





    1. Wraith645


      Noice photo?

    2. wesleyr99


      Nice shot ?

    3. Ashley


      Broom broom

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