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  1. Rest in Peace, Speedy ?

  2. Congrats bud'!

    1. NexusMEISTER


      Thank you! ❤️ 

  3. I think that such price increases are normal in both games, depending on the quality of the games and the general economy, as a result, there is a lot of effort and as a result of this effort, a quality game experience offered to the players.
  4. I've been playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 as a single player for many years. I started playing TruckersMP on 19 December 2020 thanks to my friends and I've been playing actively ever since. I enjoy spending time with TruckersMP quality gaming experience and friendly family atmosphere.
  5. Thank you for follow :woah:

    1. Skazochnick


      You're welcome :truestory:

  6. Welcome :mlg_doge:

  7. Welcome back! :HaulieLove:

  8. Babe.

    Thank you for follow!

  9. I generally prefer to use Scania. Its quality and sounds are really important for the trip and driving Scania gives me pleasure.
  10. I always like innovations, and I really like the new DLC. I think that such innovations provide players with a more enjoyable gaming experience.
  11. Babe.

    About new route

    New route is really awesome! Roads, landscapes, everything is perfect. It is even better to experience all this with TruckersMP quality.
  12. Congrats! 

  13. Congrats mate, good luck in your new position!

  14. Thanks for follow! 

  15. Cangrats! Welcome back to TruckersMP Family!

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