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  1. Recently, the tmp official has stated that report spam in high density area may result in the removal of reporting right. However, I do not believe banning people reporting is good way to reduce toxicity. I will explain why in the following. Before going into the discussion, I do appreciate the effort of officials to handle tons of report every day. They really do a great job in maintaing the game environment. However, I want to ask what is the definition of report spam. I know some of the players report everything they saw, such as reporting players parking at the road side, reporting every players overtaking but causes no accident. This is definitly report spam. However, if a player being crashed and report, is it considered a report spam? If a player play CD road every day and report every reasonable accidents, is it a report spam? The official should make a clear definition on what is spam. Back into the discussion, I believe if the official consider report spam as 'reporting every reasonable accident in high densely populated area', it does not help reducing the toxicity. One of the main reasons of players playing MP is to enjoy trucking with each others. It is normal to have tons of player gathering together in a road. Playing CD road solely is reasonable in some of the player mind. Though the official encourages players to truck in other area, rarely can players seeing other in highway or other road. If players cannot gather, why not play singleplayer. Also, even if CD road is closed, people will always find an alternative. If report is not allowed from high density area, it will absolutly increase the toxicity. Use an imagining situation as an example, When a player is being crashed, he must feel so angry and sad if he did nothing wrong. In this circumstance, reporting system is the only way of him to send the troll to justice. However, If he reported the accident and considered report spam, he might take revenge on the trolls, such as crashing the troll, overtaking and stop suddenly in front of the troll. It will definitly causing more accident. We can see that considering report spam as reporting players is not a good way to solve toxicity. Instead, it causes more trolling behavior. I think the TMP official should really make a clear definition on report spam. Of.course, if the definition of report spam is not 'reporting every reasonae accident in highly congested area', the above isn't a problem Here is my suggestion on improving the report system. Firstly, defining report spam is absolutly important. I believe that reporting players in high density area reasonably is not a problem. Trolls will always cause an accident as they have a poor driving attitude. Even they are not reported in CD road, they may cause trouble in other roads. As mentioned the above, defining report spam as reporting every reasonable accident in high density area is not feasible and effective. I believe the definition of report spam need to be clearly defined. Secondly, in resulting an accident, the victims do have some responsibility if they do not attempt to avoid an accident. In real life, if a driver does not attempt the avoid an accident, both the victim and the 'crasher' have responsibilities. They may be send to court and receiving penalty. I think this can be implemented to the reporting system. If the player reporting does not showing the sense of defensive driving, such as driving 80 but accelerate when seeing someone overtake them. These players are also causing an accident. They should be penalized too. Thank you for reading soooooo long. Please feel free to give any opinion
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