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  1. Congratulations! You really deserved this! :HaulieLove:

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  3. Spring is finally here!
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      I am still panicking because of the signups...

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      @Vicc. take care of these guys, please :LUL:

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  7. I would love to see this addition as it would make the cars fit more into a Truck Simulator.
  8. Happy Birthday! :HaulieLove:

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  9. Congrats

  10. Thank you @Mister Truck
  11. I would obviously also recommend the VTC I am in. I've only been in GPE for a few months now but I have already experienced a lot of advantages. Something that you realise from the moment that you fill out your application Professionalism is something they put a lot of value in. You realise that within the first minute and I have seen extreme professionalism at everything they have done so far However, this does not mean that tehy are strict or anything. GPE does not aim to recieve a lot of members but rather to create a comfortable space for those members there. You can realise that in the channels. There is almost always a filled VC and you are welcomed from the first second you join there. Despite the low member numbers, you can see a lot of activity, especially in convoys, where 10 drivers are pretty normal for an evening convoy. The Management is pretty strict in the recruitment process. This sounds bad at first but is actually a good thing. Being selective allows them to filter out unfitting members for the VTC also helping to create a nice atmosphere. Something that should be obvious, but apparently is not in other VTCs is the value for irl. If you got a lot going on, you can just tell them or request LOA and they have the fullest understanding. Of course there are activity requirements, but those are totally managable in a month. I think that this professional but still familiar environment is especially what I love about this VTC. Those are just some of the points and there are many more to be discovered. Maybe this helps you in your decision and you can consider them. Of course, the decision is completely up to you.
  12. Happy Birthday! :HaulieLove:

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