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  1. Parabéns pela promoção :)

  2. Thank you all, I consider it safe to use.
  3. Hello, I would like to know if there is a problem using this sound plugin for the trucks.
  4. Maybe the antivirus did something wrong, check it out.
  5. In particular I was not very interested in skoda, in fact sometimes it gets in the way when used by players who do not know how to simulate. I understand that brought a small differential, but let us know that even the physics of the model that is available is strange because it is a truck simulator, that is, physics of something larger than a passenger car. Question of taste sometimes not discussed, but in this matter I am not in favor! It would be nice even if SCS would deliver on the Euro Coach Simulator DLC promise that for bus lovers it would be very enjoyable
  6. Although the chrome wheels give a charm in the visual part, it is a matter of little importance for not fitting significant improvement but in the visual part. Not to mention that it can interfere with stability as stated above.
  7. Some songs may not play, unfortunately there is something in .mp3 format that causes some songs not to be read correctly, but don't worry, just convert your unread songs to .ogg format. You can do that using conversion programs, I use aTube Catcher, you can download it for free by searching Google. Ps .: aTube Catcher is a program with many features and is not the only one that allows you to convert videos and music, the installation calls for attention to avoid installing unwanted additional programs. You can convert any format to .ogg that the game will recognize.
  8. It is a very interesting idea, it would bring more comfort aesthetically with the reduction and at the same time the scroll bar would be very cool. I vote for it!
  9. As said by our friend, he took a great risk. Such authorization is only given to the TMP team for a very simple reason, we need to make sure that anyone who is 'controlling the traffic' has preparation and if it is 'released' to the public the chaos will increase as we know very well that not all Players are prepared for situations as such. Try a place in the team, maybe you can and then it will be easier to perform this regularization, but, as also said, this only if in fact necessary! It really fits the common sense of the players, the map is huge but many insist on always being in the same place ...
  10. I did a test out of curiosity, getting the trailer from SinglePlayer and then going to MultiPlayer. It worked as intended. Keeping the mod active, loads even appear on the TMP. I found no flaws while using near my friends, so I think I can use this modification as it only enables me loading and unloading anywhere on the map with bitrem is what i wanted If necessary I can detail what I did or even make a video showing. I am available to provide any material you wish.
  11. Thanks for follow

  12. Feliz pela equipe brasileira | Happy for the Brazilian team



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