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  1. As the Company closed down. I suggest that everyone stops replying to this forum thread and wait until further action is taken by the community managers. Alot has happened and we dont want to add more sauce on top of the pasta. @scarface0359
  2. Ireliaaa

    Steam crash

    I suggest you remove all mods out of the mods folder and see how it goes.
  3. Ireliaaa

    Steam crash

    Hmm, get a crash log of steam? Maybe we can see what is causing it.
  4. Downgrade the game, the TMP team should update within a week so patience!
  5. Please do notice when SCS updates the Multiplayer team will need to update the mod, this can take up to one week as the staff are volunteers. If you want to play downgrade to the latest version a guide can be found somewhere on how to downgrade. I'm sure you will find it as it is stickied..
  6. Please do notice that when the actual game Updated, The multiplayer team will need to update it. This can take up-to a week.
  7. First of all, this is total utter B***S***! Multiplayer is a concept of driving on the road with at least some common sense!. If you think you are too scared to drive on the road and/or people ramming you then just report them. The button is there for a reason. If this was implemented it would be a great abuse for trolls.
  8. From my experience yesterday, the level crossing is very clear from 300 meters (APPROX). At night it can be difficult abit though.
  9. Ireliaaa


    Hmm seems like a low speed, connect to the nearest server. if in Europe you can experiment with the different servers. Also close all applications that are using your internet.
  10. Great guide, really helpful. +1
  11. However that is located in the Polish Forum... Easier to locate here for English Users. However great guide!
  12. I highly suggest you reduce your graphics settings and see how it goes. Also make sure youre drivers are up-to-date!
  13. The thing is, I used to go on busy areas... Lots of lag. I switched from Ultra to High if not switch to Medium and try to get the best you can.
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