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  1. Ireliaaa

    Steam crash

    I suggest you remove all mods out of the mods folder and see how it goes.
  2. Ireliaaa

    Steam crash

    Hmm, get a crash log of steam? Maybe we can see what is causing it.
  3. Downgrade the game, the TMP team should update within a week so patience!
  4. Please do notice when SCS updates the Multiplayer team will need to update the mod, this can take up to one week as the staff are volunteers. If you want to play downgrade to the latest version a guide can be found somewhere on how to downgrade. I'm sure you will find it as it is stickied..
  5. Please do notice that when the actual game Updated, The multiplayer team will need to update it. This can take up-to a week.
  6. Ireliaaa


    Hmm seems like a low speed, connect to the nearest server. if in Europe you can experiment with the different servers. Also close all applications that are using your internet.
  7. I highly suggest you reduce your graphics settings and see how it goes. Also make sure youre drivers are up-to-date!
  8. Version 3.0 Has been released with brand new features to the guide! Added Spoilers for a more clean look Added new separators New Logo! (Image courtesy of TruckersMP)
  9. It it says no trailer it basically means that you dont need a trailer. However it depends on the convoy organizer!
  10. Nice guide.... xD 2nd guide out there that I've seen like mine. Good job
  11. bump.. I full rewrite will be made for v3.0 with the addition of highway rules.
  12. Version 2.0 is released! Re written the whole guide to update it to Multiplayers new name! Cheers!
  13. in the Playback devices in the volume make sure that you're microphone level is either set to 50% or 100%.
  14. I dont really know. But what I suggest you do even if you play with the Mouse (You said for the indicators) is to reset the keys to default so that you have the TAB sorted. Then try to use the arrow keys / WASD for Gas and Break. That is the most out of it. I had this setup a long time ago but now I use a Dualshock 4 Controller. The Setup list If you want to know for the key bindings: Right Indicator = E Left Indicator = Q Engine Ignition = R That is just for the basic so If you have your hand on the WASD for gas and break then you're good to go as your hand is close to the tab.
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