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  1. Congrats Fox on the box ❤️

    1. Fox7y


      Thank You Steely :HaulieLove:

  2. i have mine turned off There so irritating ?
  3. i've got it on. the rain is cool plus it adds more to the experience but has to be daytime. too dark at night xD
  4. anything goes. soon as i turn on the game my playlist of 1000+ songs goes on xD
  5. happy birthday stan lad ❤️

  6. i'd say it has, a lot of the trucks look similar now but also look realistic and look quite tidy, mean or just amazing xD
  7. good morning all. Good luck to anyone applying for GM ❤️

  8. always. even when no one is around i will always use them like you should even in real life
  9. i think if TMP keep upgrading and changing the original map just because there is 1 road which is always busy then it ruins the game a bit in my opinion. Changing things does nothing, doing what their doing and moderating and being more strict on the rules will help
  10. completely down to preference on what people enjoy driving me personally i like driving everything
  11. should be a good addition. Hopefully comes with a tuning pack for MAN as well
  12. Happy birthday legend. Have a good one ❤️

  13. congrats clashy well deserved ❤️


    1. HandOfClash


      ?????? ? ??? ??????! ???? ???? 564760781720125441.gif?size=96&quality=lossless564760781720125441.gif?size=96&quality=lossless

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