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  1. Well, unless they have a crystal ball to guess who made the mistake, in my opinion there is no point if the person responsible is not identified. These are my final considerations.
  2. In the case of bans, I understand that it's possible to link a report to feedback in situations of unjust punishment. However, within the game, the name of the employee who kicked you from the server is no longer displayed as it used to be. Consequently, it's not possible to file a complaint in this manner unless you have the name of the employee responsible for the action.
  3. The decision to hide employees' names, with the purpose of safeguarding their privacy, presents clear advantages but also raises concerns about the potential for abuse of authority. Recently, I experienced an incident in which I received an unjust punishment, and the lack of identification of the responsible party made it difficult for me to seek a proper resolution. It is essential to find a balance between protecting privacy and ensuring transparency and accountability in-game environment to ensure fair treatment for all parties involved.
  4. Thanks!!! Greatly improved the experience of interacting with the chat!
  5. Thank you for the event, I hope we have more soon
  6. Hello ROMANISTA [ITA], In my opinion, it would be important to establish a clearer rule regarding road blocking. For instance, if a player blocks a road for 5 minutes, they should be banned. Prior to that, a kick would be sufficient. I have experienced multiple instances where I was insulted by players while still loading into the game, which is frustrating.
  7. Hahaha, it will be really fun to go around transporting these enormous fruits, especially for the reward. Thx!!
  8. If you're carrying any cargo to a specific location, it's a good strategy. But if you want to drive freely, it's not that great since the fun of the online mode is precisely playing with other players.
  9. The first thing I did when TruckersMP started supporting version 1.47 of Euro Truck Simulator was literally rush to test the Adaptive Cruise Control and the Emergency Brake System, and it was frustrating to see that they weren't working online. This would be very useful on the roads, and I hope that one day the TruckersMP team will be able to make this system work within their servers. Does anyone know if there's a thread of them talking about something related to this?
  10. Adding AI traffic to TruckersMP would be really cool! But it's important to think carefully before doing so. One concern is that it could make the virtual roads even more congested, especially on the busiest routes. Additionally, adding AI traffic could make the game run slower and delay gameplay. But on the other hand, having more interaction and making the game more realistic is really cool! It could even make the game experience more customizable. So if everything is thought through carefully, adding AI traffic could be a really good idea for TruckersMP! Anyway, good luck with the development! We're excited to see this new feature in action. If it's implemented well, it will definitely be awesome for us.
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