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  1. Only 7 days, u still in MGL or whatever its called this week ? And have they changed their slogan yet or they still copying every other VTC ??
  2. Sadly I was banned after 5 mins of departing and missed all the real ops really, I signalled, moved lane in heavy traffic and got rear ended, sadly I haven't seen evidence yet but it must be something minimal if anything Sadly it was probably a great event but also a perfect hunting ground for those who make the silliest of mistakes, I won't be attending anymore of these events and will probably be cancelling my patron if honest. Sorry its not a good review but u asked for opinions and that's just mine. I'm glad all those who managed to enjoy it did.
  3. ok, so i wonder if anyone knows a way of binding keys so that during play you can have 1 key to say messages, i know you can in other games like cod etc.. through config files. for example /bind (key) say hello this way when your driving along you don't need to press Y and physically type hello, i know we have CB but sometimes if your on discord its easier to switch off or some people don't always have mic's etc.. also is there a way of changing the colour of the text to suit personality just curious any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. thanks for the update, keep up the superb work :)
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