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  1. Hello everyone


    In my opinion, limiting the maximum number of reports doesn't help. Penalties should be given for pointless reports. Far too often reports are submitted that are sent in out of sheer anger when they are unnecessary.


    I am also of the opinion that the 30 reports can only be reached by those who permanently drive the C-D route. Then it's your own fault. Everyone knows that the C-D route is full of chaotic drivers and trolls because they don't have to buy DLC to drive there.

    The same at kirkenes. Dont drive there -> No problems reaching the 30 🙂


    I wish everyone a good trip


    Kind regards


  2. Its not a Hardware problem at all. I have a high end gaming pc based on an intel i9 and a Geforce 3080ti. RAM is 64 GB. I dont think its my hardware that causes the problem. Also I asked many people with even stronger computers than my one. They all have that problem on EU 1. 


    PS: My internet connection is also very good... so its not my internet.

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  3. Hello everybody. I've been thinking that there aren't many sights in ETS2. Which sight would you like to see added?


    I would be Happy to see the "Kölner Dom" or the "Arc de Triomphe"



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  4. I think we just need moderator patrols on Duisburg-Calais to ban crazy drivers. otherwise you can´t handle it. My opinion. There are a lot of drivers who think this is need for speed. If you ask me there should be a total speed limit of 90km/h on all servers. No truck drives 110km/h while delivering orders in reallife. I bet the most accidents happen because overtaking with 110km/h on duisburg-calais.


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