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  1. You guys always know what to do best for this community. Love to see the constant engagement that you give us players. Love this community so much!
  2. Hi, Sorry about the delayed reply. I found a fix and don't visit the forums that much. After all, it was a Navio bug that everyone was experiencing, a kind person from ModMail helped me disable it.
  3. Hi, I'm trying to drive in TruckersMP, I refill my truck with fuel, attempt to head out of the station, I press W to drive and everything closes down, I've restarted my computer and nothing has happened, still the same issue, it's always when I press W as well. Any ideas on what's causing this? Edit: Got this message: Pressing OK didn't do anything. Final edit: Was a software on my computer causing it.
  4. How the event team are so clever in being able to bring the community together example the Operations HQ event.
  5. Probably the best event that has happened, if only I took part in it. It's on the same level as Real Operations in my opinion.
  6. My first truck was the default Scania in red, the really small one.
  7. If someone rams me and causing me to take a lot of damaged such as more then 15 percent and it was intentional, I clip it with Medal. You can always tell when they were just being reckless because they are constantly over the lines etc. I don't report people for by accidently clipping me or be accidently making me take damage. I mean it's a waste of time and it only ruins the other persons experience. It's a game at the end of the day, it shouldn't be taken to seriously. There should be a balance though, players who just want to ruin it for others shouldn't be allowed an account on TMP.
  8. To be fair, I don't change my truck at all. My current truck I've had for around 300 hours of my entire play time on ETS2. It's pointless upgrading because it's powerful. I changed the livery often for example when I join a new VTC. I enjoy using DAF and the XF models so it would be stupid to change trucks anyways.
  9. I am not saying the warning was unfair nor am I trying to argue about it, just a question. The warning has a valid reason behind it. Please note this before reading. Hey everyone, So, I was warned around six months ago. With my attempt to become apart of Support, I got to the final review with me failing because of one thing, a discord warning. Now, that was quite annoying because the warning is something that was very minor but has now prevented me from becoming apart of Support. So, I have two questions. How long is the "cooldown" period on the warnings before being eligible to apply. Is there a way to somehow removing warnings through an appeal. Thanks, Joe.
  10. Palad

    Real Operations

    Hi, As we know, the next real operations is most likely going to be in Euro Truck, of course that is if they plan something. What are your suggestions towards it such as locations and to be fair, should there be something other than just crashes since there are so many other things that happen on a motorway other then traffic and crashes. Please let me know your thoughts, of course, I haven't played a real operations event for a while now so I don't really know what's changed. Looking at the ATS one it was amazing.
  11. Congrats! 🎉

    1. Zysto


      Thank you! 🙏

  12. To be fair, I can only remember playing Forza on the XBX360. Wasn't the horizon it was just one of the race track games. I enjoyed it a lot. I just don't buy game regularly anymore because they are so expensive but the new Forza looks great.
  13. They're perfect and the timer on them is the best, allows 5-6 trucks at a time so not many traffic jams anymore.
  14. I agree with all of that. It's been a good year. Just a massive shame that the convoy was added. Although, I think people forgot that it's a mod and not a real thing made by SCS.
  15. I agree. Whenever I'm on there, I always see a crash because of the collision because people abuse it to get further down the line of the traffic. I prefer it just to be in the city and as soon as you get on that little road, the collision should be switched off from there.
  16. Hi, Just came to my head. Wouldn't it be better if the Calais to Duisburg road had some sort of thing when you drive on it, "We cannot offer any compensation to any damage you get while driving". Since a lot of people drive on it, it get very busy quickly meaning theres a lot of incidents. Now, it's not like the people driving don't know how busy the road is. I just find it quite annoying when something happens such as a crash and then people say "rec and report". They know that crashes are so popular on that road so if you want to avoid crashes and traffic, go the faster route, it's easier and faster. Let me know what you guys think.
  17. Just on the Calais to Duisburg road, some maniac just decided to do a U-turn with ongoing traffic. I got flipped over and my F7 key was broken. TruckersMP at its prime... 😛

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