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  1. Because everyone likes the challenge of going up Kirkeness road into the quarry and going back out as its a dirt track and is fun.
  2. There's more and more players joining TruckersMP which there is an increase on Drivers who don't play the game probably and spoil it for the others who take it more seriously, Who thinks that it would be a good idea for TruckersMP to add a Driving Test to the Game where you have to show how good you are at driving and follow all the rules before being granted permission to drive on TruckersMP Servers ??
  3. I drive Scania and have done for many years it is my favorite truck because its reliable and it had and Power and Torque there to give me a smooth ride whilst cruising down the motorway and the interior give me that luxury feel about it.
  4. Sim 1 in more busy because all you need to the base map to play and with Promods you need all map DLC's to get Promods, I like Promods because you don't get all the trolls there.
  5. Next stream, Try this on Sim 1 C-D ?
  6. Depends if you like Speed, Heavy Haulage or Normal Cargo, For me is Speed so I have the 6 Speed Gearbox in my Scania, Heavy Haulage I would have a 18 Speed and for Normal Cargo 7/12 Speed.
  7. It would be nice if there was an Interior designed for each car/van doesn't have to be perfect but to give it that feeling rather than using the Skoda interior.
  8. This all depends to the player and what there like, For me I like luxury and power so I have a Scania S 730BHP, Some people like the Volvos which have a bigger engine and is more used for Heavy Haulage, Mercedes is a truck I haven't driven in a long time because its too slow for me and I'm not too keen on the interior. So I would recommend trying a few different trucks and pick the one you feel is right for you.
  9. I also like others have the issue with loading into a busy city and get kicked, Unreliable servers cause problems for everyone including Game Moderation if players are lagging all over the place and get reported then banned its not really fair if its a server issue and not the player.
  10. I brought the new Renault drove it for a bit and took some pictures, Overall I think I will be staying with Scania because it has the power and that luxury feel about it , The facelift on the new Renault does look smart but for me its lacking in power and the interior design doesn't give me that luxury feel about it.
  11. For me I drive Scania S and have done for many years it has the power and Torque there ready to be put to action and the interior is more friendly looking than Volvo, Scania look nicer and have that Sport type about them, I have Driven all the trucks in the game and Scania just sits that bit higher.
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