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  1. If you read the requirements for Promods 2.55, Iberia DLC is compatible but not required so when TMP release the update for Promods 2.55, we should be able to play it without having Iberia DLC imo. But the next Promods most certainly will need Iberia DLC and TMP update for next Promods will need as well. SCS released Iberia DLC 4 months later then it's original Date and people here are complaining about the delay of TMP staff, which is no more than 2-3. Lmao
  2. People are taking yachts to Kirkenes LOL. The future of ETS2 does containe and AI that destines more logical cargo travel paths & a real scale 1:1 instead of 1:19 There is so much to improve on this game. But SCS isn't a big platform and evrything takes time
  3. Hello, I need help to avoid future unnecessary reports. As you can read it, if some driver uses the communcation system and abuses it like playing song, it's an offence. But it doesn't say what's the punishment for it exactly. In my report A: I report the driver who abuses voice-chat by playing song, 2 years old Game Moderator A accepts it and bans the guy. In my report B: I report another driver for doing exactly same offence, even longer than report A, 1 week old report moderator B declines it and says kick would be enough. Edit : Just saw that guy in
  4. First of all, you should record the game to report those people who are breaking the rules such as overtaking in low-FPS areas. And secondly, don't worry if you miss their TruckersMP ID, go to Documents/ETS2MP/logs and check for log_spawning text, you will be able to find the TruckersMP ID of perpetrator. You will remember their name with the record you saved in-game.
  5. Benim bildiğim kadarıyla bunun çözümü yok. Oyunu başlatma seçeneklerinden steam'da versiyon 1.35'i yapıp oynayabilirsin ama TruckersMP client/programı çalıştırabilmek için programın güncel olması şart ki zaten Install Available Updates diyerek seni güncellemeye zorluyor. Zaten dediğin şey (1.35 ile sonraki versiyonlar senkronizasyonu) mümkün olsaydı, herkes önceki promods versiyonları ile devam ederdi ki böyle birşey imkansız, maplar felen her sürümde değişiyor. DX11 desteklemediğinden kesin eminmisin, belki destekliyordur sürücüleri felen güncellemeyi unutmuş olabilirsin.
  6. Bence çok uğraşma bende kaydın var sol şeritten yanlış sollama ve bloklama ile ilgili yakında report etcem 

  7. I did play the game without DLCs for 4 years, then 1 year with ALL DLCs, it does feel enourmous difference as now it's much much harder to explore it %100. And I played ATS which was way smaller compared to ETS without any DLCs. SCS is going more profit based than work based. In first DLCs, they did much more work with for lesser prices. TMP is why and Promods also is %70 why they sell those as well. I'mnot saying they shouldn't profit, I would rather see a bigger change with DLC and much bigger price then just seeing little-parts getting added every year. It wo
  8. That's the point, DLCs add so much content that it's a different game at the end. in ATS, without any DLC, you can complete all the map and learn it in a day. That's where SCS is headed, minimal work, maximum pay. I'mnot saying they don't deserve it, but without Promods , it wouldn't have the %70 sell rate they have right now and would be forced to do more work. If you are experienced player in the game, you won't bother by prices but for a newcomer it's a lot of pay from zero. That's the reason why Turks like me are so many on this game, if it's 20€ on England,
  9. Not exactly "Euro Truck Simulator 2" DLC anymore then. Also, how much of Russia they will add? All of it? More than Promods I hope but I don't think so. At this point, they are just doing 1 little job and putting it as "DLC". Back then DLCs meant a lot more. I hope SCS should focus on scaling to make it better. 1:10 at least would be good change. Promods does hell of a job then SCS. I think SCS should focus on doing real work. At this rate, a new comer will have to pay like 1 million $ to really enjoy the game, what's the endgame here
  10. Nobody wonders what is next after Iberia DLC Promod does %2000 better job than SCS and it's like nothing left to do. Best thing SCS can do is better scaling, from 1:19 to 1:10 at least.
  11. Hayatınızda kaç tane 110km/h yi geçen tır gördünüz acaba, bu arada PROMODS bile 2500 kullanıcıya ulaşıyor, oyuncu kaybettiği yok. Millet 130km/h yapacak sonra duramıcak her yer kaza olacak.
  12. No, it doesn't matter that much. For example, if lights turn green for me and I'm at right lane, I don't have to say I'm turning left, I'm in a place that I have right to turn left. Last week someone rammed me for that. Recorded it, reported it. You can't just break the rules then expect people to be do things that not mandatory for them to do so.
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