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  1.          Photo with Digital and Bull [NL]in Duisburg yesterday morning






  2. Thank you for the Follow 👍❤️

  3. I bought a map of Iberia last night. The map area of Iberia is very large and the scenery is beautiful. We should thank SCS for its efforts. But Iberia can only run below 1.40. If you want to play TMP, you can download it to 1.39 again. I hope you have a good time on the map of Iberia. Don't forget the new Renault Truck Remember to share your feelings
  4. I suggest that you record a video and use the reporting system to upload the website, which should solve your problem, because the administrator sometimes is very busy and has no time to go online to the game for processing, but if you want to feel the game scenery or play with friends, I suggest you avoid Calais in the morning / evening
  5. I met [PCVTC] Harvey_TMP in Calais this morning / evening   And drove with him from  Calais--- Dusseldorf  Heavy is driving very fast. I've been following him Later, I met NinjaRichie on ATS and took a picture with them



               I hope everyone has a good time and enjoy the game :mlg_doge:

  6. I'm fine. How about you
  7. I also encounter this kind of problem, especially when changing the archive and garage, it will prompt the unreliable network. We can only wait for the follow-up developers to fix this problem
  8. 🥳 Hello maksch

  9. congratulations

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  11. Thank you for the follow!

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      You're welcome. I'm a big fan of you

  12. I'm in Bruijn logistics. I think VTC is very loose. The main purpose of creating VTC is to let people find teams and play with team members. That's it
  13. I personally hate Iveco, because the appearance and interior of this car are very simple, not as technological as Scania, but the 2021 Iveco looks good
  14. Welcome to TMP, but I suggest you go to the rules of TMP first, and try to avoid places with too many vehicles
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