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  8. As a player, I am sure that the reporting system you mentioned is very convenient and convenient, you can use it directly, and the license you mentioned will undoubtedly increase the workload of staff and developers, and there are many people You will be banned from entering the game due to unskilled operations or other things. More servers are a burden in some respects. If you think that some players have affected your gaming experience, you can enter the A server to enjoy no speed limit And there is no player collision gameplay, so there will be no such troubles and problems! My opinion may not be accurate, please point out any errors! I wish you a happy game! Kind Regards Wallace W
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  10. I think 4,500 people should be the highest limit, because as time changes, the number of online and offline players varies, and the number is always around 4,000, so I think it’s 4,500.
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  12. In order to be happy and not demand so much, I created my own VTC: C.P.C Logistics
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  14. Recently, there are often prompts of being kicked out of the server for no reason. I am often kicked during normal driving. After asking, I found that many people have this situation, especially when loading in a crowded place. I think if I just show up by myself This kind of problem, it may be my network problem, but I asked my friends and found that most people also have this situation, I think this is not my own problem, is it Truckersmp's problem? I can’t speak this. I’m just an ordinary Player. I think there must be players who have encountered this kind of problem in the forum. I want to ask, if this kind of problem occurs to everyone, is it not a problem with our player’s network at all? I don’t want to watch it. What I get is that the answer to each question is indeed my own network problem. Do most player networks have problems? Frequent kicks cause me to be unable to play normally. I think I don’t have much expectations for Truckersmp now. I think it’s time to reduce the time spent on ETS2. Playing other simulation games may bring me more diverse games. Experience, such remarks may violate the rules, but this is my most true thought. From now on, I will reduce the playing time of TMP, because the frequent Kick of the server makes me unable to play normally. I hope that TMP will solve the problem as soon as possible instead of using it. The player’s internet comes to perfunctory!
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