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  1. Thanks for the response @Titanic4 I tried having a look for the above. But couldnt find anything to do with the digital. I switched my steering wheel to digital and the steering is 1000000% better. I've just lost the use of my paddles and a couple of buttons as it recognizes them as the same button.
  2. Hey everyone. New to the forum and the site all together. I've recently purchased a Drift OZ steering wheel to "Maximise Experience". I've not invested a good amount of time in a game properly with a wheel since I was about 7 (excluding arcade games) I'm tweaking the settings constantly, but it just seems so difficult to slightly turn the truck, it seems like its either all or nothing. Can anyone relate to this with their wheel? Do you own the same one and struggle? I can probably imagine its my fault, but I just wanna see
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