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  1. Is winter mod already here or nah im kinda confused.
  2. Hi. There is a mod i want to use in TruckersMP but im not too sure how to do it as i want to use a specific one. Link: https://www.sinagritbabasworkshop.com/2019/10/ets-2-google-maps-navigation-night-version-for-promods.html This is the mod i want to use, can i activate it and not affect other players?
  3. If you have a low end PC/Laptop, then i suggest taking those routes, it will save your device from crashing or turning into an airplane.
  4. Hi! ? Sometimes when i drive, i honk my horn to passing driver's, or some really bad driver's that nearly cause accident's. When i honk my horn it only works at random times, when im in a highway, city, etc, it would work at random times. Is this something to do with TMP? Is there something about this in the rules? Please help. Thank you! ?
  5. Hello! Here is a possible solution to your problem: In the game log, it shows that you might have some missing files for the game. I suggest reinstalling TruckersMP, and if that doesn't work, reinstall ETS2. Best of luck fixing the problem, this is all i know on how to fix a problem like this.
  6. I like it a lot, all these drivers that keep overtaking for when there is no space in front annoys me, i love this update.
  7. Hello everyone! How was your day today?

  8. idk why no one really likes mouse steering, its simpler and keeps your truck in a lane without having to spam a button
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