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  1. Amd Ryzen 5 1600 Processor Rx550 4 GB Graphics Card GSkill 16 GB Ram Gigabyte A320M Main Card 256 GB SSD 500 GB Hard drive
  2. Whats your favourite game ?
  3. İn Duisburg 30 fps İn Calais 25 fps But its very funny because my computer is good ?
  4. You can try Reset to Default settings or you put to Special Key for it
  5. I know its bit will be strange ? But old traffics,old admins,old ambiance Whatever you think. Everything ?
  6. Here we go Peoples. Lets say whats your favourite music type :))
  7. Go to Settings And change to Lights Keys. You can put want your word
  8. I am tired...

  9. Usually I am in Germany,France,Scandinavia and Turkey ?
  10. SCS is dont make new game about to bus. They are already has a simulation Game. They will bring updates to game. I think so ?
  11. They know this game musnt be just Truck game,transportations etc. this upgrades good I think so ?
  12. I get it Thank you Support ?
  13. So I mean other categories just can create Upper Staff ? Thank you @DatSpeed
  14. I am clicking to Create Topic and I can't choose What kind topic,news,development bla bla Does have anyone support to me
  15. Actually I know one place but there is without the promods map.İtalia Sicilia and Sardinia islands ways is so actions. I say try ?
  16. This cant work. Because there is arcade server. Already on the Sim2 server all collisions is on
  17. SCS is really good working. I hope to see the rest of Turkey dlc :))
  18. I think Heart of Russia DLC will come soon and very well ? I will buy quickly

  20. My backup profile photo :))


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