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  1. Its already have in the game,but its locked for players
  2. I m waiting too,but when will it come for community,I dont know
  3. This updates is looking good ?
  4. Me too but my steam did it automatically unaware of me :d So I don't want to deal with downgrade I m waiting 1.44 for the TruckersMP
  5. İts already came to game ? You can download and play
  6. What do you think about the 1.44 update? Air Suspension,Speed limiter,Rework Austria etc... I think it is good and feeling to me much more realistic than 1.43
  7. Yes,I got my answer Thanks Kind Regards
  8. Course,my system is good,even more high systems freezing and they are kicking ? I won't start the game from calais even if my system is good ? Thanks Kind Regards
  9. I get unreliable conenction trouble When I loading screen for calais I get unreliable connection crash i get this error only when calais is crowded I don't have this problem in other cities.
  10. Night rides is my best prefer ? Because is feeling real to me
  11. thanks for your comment.
  12. Yes,I know but I mean, it was to understand the language of the Turkish players in the game, to solve their problems better and to understand better if Turkish is a curse or insult, thank you for your comment anyway.
  13. Do you think Turkish moderators should increase, what do you think about this issue?
  14. My vote to scania because I like it ? Volvo good too but my prefer is Scania
  15. EmreKuzu07

    Map DLCS

    I think İt can develop all Turkey map step by step. Firstly Marmara than Ege,than Karadeniz etc. What do you think about this Should it be?
  16. It can make more realistic the game,It will be good I think so
  17. Old Police Car's skin I think it was more beautiful than now police car
  18. I recommend buy all map dlcs Specially Road to the Black Sea ?
  19. You can try Reset to Default settings or you put to Special Key for it
  20. I know its bit will be strange ? But old traffics,old admins,old ambiance Whatever you think. Everything ?
  21. Go to Settings And change to Lights Keys. You can put want your word
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