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  1. Yes, My question is solved. Thanks PCVTC | Ollie
  2. Hey guys, Hope that everyone is well! I feel as if this topic could help a few others so feel free to have a read! I just want to know about save edited number plates? As I know that some things in game can cause lag and can result in a ban I would like to be careful with this. I have seen this article here which is about how to do it : But is it bannable? I will also include a photo of my save edited plate so that someone can confirm if its ok to use. Thank you, PCVTC | Ollie
  3. Enjoyed the event. Was great to see everyone in the UK for once ?. I liked the signs that were in game, really felt real with all the lane closures. Overall a great and fun event.
  4. Hey I think that the new horn for the daf 2021 should be made quieter for users. I can hear the daf horn from at least 700m away. I think that this should be fixed as quick as possible because its very un-realistic.
  5. Hey Truckers ?, For big amount of time I have been trying to find save editing mods that actually work! Due to me doing lots of research I have found a way to mod your truck to make it look better without going against TMP rules! If you would like to save edit your truck READ BELOW! Please note all tuning packs are needed! Step one: Head over to this link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2453301294 Then hit the subscribe button! Step two: Now open up your game in single player and go to your mod manger and activate the mod! Step three: Find a truck you would like to save edit! Step four: Now head over to red spanner/F7 to upgrade your truck! Step Five: Look at some like you bumper bar! You should be able to see that you now have things like a volvo bumper bar on scania for example! All same will be for stack pipes, interior add ons, wheels, bumpers, roof bars etc IF YOU USE THIS MAKE SURE YOU KEEP TO TMP RULES WHEN SAVE EDITING! Rules are found here: https://truckersmp.com/rules#3-save-editing If you found this helpful please consider replying saying that it worked! And If it didnt work reply letting me know what didnt work! Wish you all the best with your save editing projects! Thanks, Ollie
  6. Im seeing more and more people with stack pipes that arent for their truck but how do you do it? E.g how do you get the Actros stack pipes on the Scania If anyone could help with a mod or anything please reply! Thanks Ollie ?
  7. My truckersmp has an invalid client i did an update and is now not working how do I undo the update/client and reinstall it so i can play or any other suggestions?
  8. I need to know how i can enter someone information into truckersmp to get them in the vtc but im nots sure how to do this can someone please Help!
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