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  1. My truck, which i arrived to 600,000 km driven!
  2. I dont like the automatic transmission because drink a lot, it seems me drunking! I drive using manual transmission and i use the torque
  3. Perhaps with the launch of Iberia, cities like Bordeaux and Toulouse will be more busy. I remember when it launched the DLC Going East, that Hungary was empty, a "ghost country", but when SCS launched the Black Sea, Szeged increased its occupation by 25 to 30%. I wish Iberia to be a great DLC, as are the other expansion DLCs, like Italy, the Baltic Sea and others. Let's wait!
  4. Eu uso a caixa de 12 velocidades com diferencial 3,40. É uma ótima configuração para quem não exige muito do motor.
  5. When are they going to release the version that supports the Schwarzmüller DLC?
  6. I reported three users this week for various reasons (ramming, blocking) and still had no answers. Is there anything going on in the reports that I do not know?
  7. But I reinstalled the ETS2 in Steam in the Monday, day of updating. Did not work! I will wait the next update of TruckersMP, that is it!
  8. Oh no! But my ETS2 have actualized in the version 1.25.3s!
  9. But I reinstall ETS2 yesterday precisely because of this! And the ETS2 have actualized. The error have in TruckersMP application
  10. Still nothing! Look my ETS2 in SP, he is update!
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