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  1. I wanted to know which sites have mods for ETS2 Multiplayer and are authorized. I lost their link and there is nothing on the staff topic of the allowed sites. I wait for answers.
  2. Eu uso a caixa de 12 velocidades com diferencial 3,40. É uma ótima configuração para quem não exige muito do motor.
  3. That's it! Like I said, if I log into Multiplayer it does not work, except when I exit Singleplayer.
  4. I do not know. I only know it only works when I leave the singleplayer and I enter the multiplayer.
  5. Hello, gentlemen! I wanted to ask you a question. My Steam panel does not work on TruckersMP and I do not know why. I already tested ETS2 in singleplayer and it worked the panel, but in multiplayer only works once, when I leave the server and come back later, it does not appear. I already tested it on CS-GO and it works normally, except in TruckersMP. What do I have to do? To distract, photo of my Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4 2558 GigaSpace 6x2:
  6. They could put original trailers of the ETS2 to be visible to those who do not have the DLC. Like the skins of sider trailers, everyone can see Viva la France's skins of Scandinavia companies! and others
  7. But the new link of AAC codec execute in ETS2?
  8. Gentlemen, I have a question about the ETS2 radio. I have some radio stations in Brazil, I got their IP on a website from here in my own country. However, there are IP codes that do not run on ETS2. What can I do? IP:; Alternate this IP: http://stm29.streaminghd.net.br:11554/index.html?sid=1
  9. I also had this opinion of wanting to delete cars, but I thought well and I came to the conclusion that the problem is not them, but the user. I've tired of reporting pilots who are making dangerous direction, beating me, overcoming user trains coming in the opposite direction; However, many who drive trucks also do this, and it is absolutely normal! What you can do is denounce, because depending on the ban the denounced is prevented from logging on the server for months. You can not just remove cars, because if that happens, let's go back to an archaic server time where they used gyroflex trucks for signage.
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