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  1. Is anyone else having problems finding the Hauling hope contracts? I was prompted with the new content when I first logged on but can not find them. Maybe it was removed? 

  2. Good evening everybody. 

  3. There will probably be more options in a future dlc pack. I know alot of people alter trucks and get them inbto multi player but if an admin sees you as a source of lag you will be kicked so its kind of not worth it.
  4. It is not possible, i wish the heavy haul dlc would have come with more chassis options.
  5. Goodmorning truckers MP

  6. Happy birthday

  7. Sunset through the trees.


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      Thanks man.

  8. Goodmorning everyone.

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      Good morning, Have a Beautiful day :wub:

  9. I have had far more problems with players driving wrong way then tring to get over last minute to prevent a collision. I personally have never been hit by anyone who ran a red light.
  10. The game map shows your online.
  11. That server looks to be approaching capacity, try another server.
  12. If it were not for the mini map and tab window I wouldnt run lights. I wouldn't do it I thought there was a chance of a collision.
  13. Regaurding your bank loan issue, I would go into an offline session and load from a past autosave so the time would no longer efffect you and pay it off before leaving the game again for an extended period of time. Hope this is helpful.

  14. I would try another tool to unzip the files or make sure that there are not any updates to the tool you are using. Winrar worked best for me.
  15. I had the same issue when using winzip. I redownloaded the game and unpacked it with winrar and it worked fine. I've also seen the same proble out of 7zip. Are the promods being stored on the same drive as ets2 ? Did you change the name of the mod folder? The mod folder will not work in any other config than " mod" .
  16. I wouldn't runa red light if there was anyone on my tab list purely out of respect of other players. This is after all a simulator and some people enjoy the immersion that the game provides.
  17.  Playing arond with mods offline in ats. Anyone else wish there was a 2018+ Volvo in game?


  18. When I run red lights I always have the tab menu up to see other player proxemity. Never in large cities.
  19. Hopefully they add AI to the game, it would make it som much more immersive.
  20. I don't understand how we dont yet have an ownable tanker trailer in ats. As in for gasoline.
  21. Rigids are cool. There is a working rigid mod for ets2 (at least for volvo) on the steam workshop. There isnt currently any for ats. I too would like to see rigids or truck trailers from sts.
  22. When Wyoming comes out there is suposedly going to be an all new lighting system, maybe that will help. The main problem ive seen as far as textuers go seems to be on bright colored trucks seem to be spoted in sunlight, alomost as if over saturated. I would like to see additional chassis configurations. Ever sence the introdution of lowboy trailers i've wished for truck chassis with tag axles.
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