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  1. Is anyone else having problems finding the Hauling hope contracts? I was prompted with the new content when I first logged on but can not find them. Maybe it was removed? 

  2. Good evening everybody. 

  3. There will probably be more options in a future dlc pack. I know alot of people alter trucks and get them inbto multi player but if an admin sees you as a source of lag you will be kicked so its kind of not worth it.
  4. It is not possible, i wish the heavy haul dlc would have come with more chassis options.
  5. Goodmorning truckers MP

  6. Happy birthday

  7. Sunset through the trees.


    1. Nizam I ibizz  (27)
    2. brute279


      Thanks man.

  8. Thank you for the follow :wub:✌️

  9. Goodmorning everyone.

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      Good morning, Have a Beautiful day :wub:

  10. I have had far more problems with players driving wrong way then tring to get over last minute to prevent a collision. I personally have never been hit by anyone who ran a red light.
  11. The game map shows your online.
  12. That server looks to be approaching capacity, try another server.
  13. If it were not for the mini map and tab window I wouldnt run lights. I wouldn't do it I thought there was a chance of a collision.
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