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  1. For me, everyone seems to be so bloody impatient in the servers. I usually drive realistically, so speed limit, slowing at curves, etc, and everyone's just wizzing by me and telling me to hurry up. I can't for the life of me figure out how people go through the curves so fast without flipping over. I also don't understand what the rush is. Are you trying to get your load over with? If so, why are you playing in the first place? Anyways, that's my short rant.
  2. World of Trucks contracts limit you to 90km/h. @HUNGabi95
  3. Hello folks, I tried searching for a solution to this, but all I've found was a how-to for when the asset first came out. My CB doesn't seem to be working. Pressing X doesn't cause the speaker in the bottom right to pop up, I don't see a red light on the CB radio and calling a "radio check" doesn't recieve a response from the local community, though I've tried in multiple cities. What I've tried so far: Restarting the game Reinstalling the mod Hitting the default button in the settings of the tab window Searching for a way to change the hotkey in bot
  4. Also, after imputing the required edit into the java file, dragging the SII folder to it results in an "Illegal action has occurred" message.
  5. I'm currently working through the tutorial; however, the link for the non-java decrpypter gives me a "404" error. Page cannot be found. Was it changed recently? Thanks
  6. As a newcomer to the forums, I have a noob question, as we're on the topic. What's reputation, and if it's important, why? Thanks in advanced.
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