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  1. That’s something scs should add, not TMP It’s a trucking game, not GTA
  2. Uploaded the code to GitHub, if anyone is curious or wants to steal it Any improvement other than what's mentioned on the README (as I perfectly know it), is welcome
  3. Hello, As I've been learning WebAssembly (and Rust), I've made a simple website that displays almost all server data provided by the API (categorized in servers) and lets you convert an UID to username and rank. You can find it here. The source code can be found on GitHub, https://github.com/Dr-Ham/tmp-rust. As mentioned in the README, the code looks like my Grandmother's bolognese. I'll clean it up a bit and improve it when I have more time. Any suggestion is welcome
  4. You’d have to inject the mod into the ets2 process. If you can find the dll, you’ll only have to attach it to the process. Although I believe it’s not a simple task as iirc the dll in nowhere to be found and you’ll have to inject it immediately after ets2 launches
  5. We had that planned back when hgvmp was a thing. I believe it can be partially done (congestion, f7, time and damage) without scs. Not sure about the media player, the reversing camera and social network tho. It’d cool to have something like this tho, even on the vanilla (no mods) ets/ats
  6. I’d highly recommend using Bootstrap 4 for making sites look good on all platforms and fast. If you do not want/cannot use it, I’d recommend you reading thesitewizard regarding the code part and CopyBlogger for general tips
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    Hi. I’m working on alternative launcher for TruckersMP. What would you guys like to see?

  9. G’arvo.. How’s life?

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