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  1. hangar555

    Advice for a mobile friendly site

    I’d highly recommend using Bootstrap 4 for making sites look good on all platforms and fast. If you do not want/cannot use it, I’d recommend you reading thesitewizard regarding the code part and CopyBlogger for general tips
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    Hi. I’m working on alternative launcher for TruckersMP. What would you guys like to see?

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      Goodnight :D 

  6. G’arvo.. How’s life?

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      Hello, I hope you have a great day! :D 

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    After some time, bans “cool down”, so ban history does no longer apply. PS: Read rules, everything you need is there
  10. hangar555

    dlc not visible

    As far as I know, both of you need to have the dlc in order to see the content. For instance, I can put on my truck the led strobes from special transport dlc, but if my friend doesn’t own the DLC he won’t be able too see the leds. Same applies to paintjobs, accessories (daf/scania tunning packs) and I guess Schwarzmuller trailers
  11. hangar555


    That if they play ATS mp... Maybe they already have ETS2 *https://truckersmp.com/user/2102902*
  12. hangar555


    Imo, it’s better than ETS2 in terms of content quality (trailers are better modelled, cities are ‘bigger’), on par with the last three map DLCs. However, it lacks in term of drivable content (California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico and upcoming Oregon are the only ‘official’ states) and trucks (only two Kenworths and two Peterbilts that are bascially the same, since PACAR). It’s 5 euros right now because Steam summer sale, definetly, go for it.