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  1. Hey! Thank you for your follow, appreciated! 🙂

  2. The current race may have prevented accidents, of course, but I haven't seen such bumps in my life, and this road is duisburg road, not a highway. The highlight of the Duisburg road is its curves and traffic. There are no huge intersections on a tiny road, right? Then let the road to duisburg be completely 2 lanes, everyone would be angry about it!
  3. Sad to hear that this rule has been removed
  4. I personally did not like it, it was very complicated and the normal way was more simple.
  5. dogearmy


    Modelden modele değişir.
  6. Thanks Topic can be marked as solved.
  7. So far, five budgerigars i have adopted, currently only 2 of them are alive. One of them is green and its name is "Fıstık". "Fıstık" means peanut and its a word on Turkish. My second budgie is white and blue, his name called "Bulut". "Bulut" means cloud and its the word on Turkish.
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