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  1. No they are increasing due bad management, but the moderators mute them, hide them.
  2. Player Search system is not working well @CJMAXiK @Kid Fabi
  3. As my opinion, scs software was too late for it, people just go to truckersmp for playing with humans, sp was just about being lone because you play with AI there. TruckersMP had an advantage from SCS for this reason. And i think I can tell my opinions now, because before i tried it but always it ended in a unfair punishment,mute. I hope ı will not got muted again. I support SCSMP because: 1- You can play with your friends, its "actually" impossible in TruckersMP. If you play with more than 5 friends, you will be classed as convoy and can't drive at CD road, which is actually the main source of entertainment for TMP, the Duisburg, Kirkenes quarry road. I think SCSMP will have big servers like truckersmp soon, or later, not matter. 2- Unfair Punishments at TMP, And annoying players who just play (do you think that they actually play?) to report and ban others, moderators not doing their work professionally. Yes, because most moderators are working independently of each other and management. Although most moderators are educated, it does not have much impact, usually according to the rules, not based on its own will. The times are really very long, of course, 1-2-day Ban is very short and ineffective only because of the 2 weeks-1 month Ban than the minor reasons is not really fair and ethically. In addition, management is urgently to find solutions to report-only people, even if necessary, they can be banned forever and forever. Or, because most people will be banned, TMP will die. Now I will have a question to the GMM team, I want them to answer this honestly. How many people have been banned forever, how many of the bans have been canceled via APPEAL, and how many of bans canceled via feedback? How many moderators were punished for not accepting the appeal even though it is unfair? Truckersmp= BanMP 3- Unrealistic performance Always lagging servers, unmatched time with sp, removed fatigue simulation Because of this 3 reasons, im supporting the SCSMP. I hope TruckersMP will heals itself and review all bans, and cancel unjustified bans. Kind Regards
  4. ban yedik la


    @_sneaht_0810 Still unsolved because not give required info, could you please archive it?
  5. Üstteki kişiyi ban yemediğinden dolayı banlıyorum (bi yerden tanıdık geldi sanki bu durum, acaba tmp miydi)
  6. Bit late, but congrats!

    1. Azuly


      Thank you!<3

  7. Doğum günün kutlu olsun!

    1. Dragonfly.


      Çok çok teşekkür ederim ❤️

  8. A bit late, but welcome back!

  9. Suggestion Name: Adding downvote, angry emotes and more forum improvements Suggestion Description: 1. Add a poll system like the picture below, if its not possible, add downvote emote. 2. Add angry emote, or add a system that we can put any emotes we want. Like discord, 2nd picture below. Any example images: 1. (Like Reddit) 2. Why should it be added?: Sometimes there are suggestions that I don't like while reviewing some suggestions and I move my mouse to downvote as I am used to from other forums and reddit, but since there are no negative emotes, I can only throw the :sad: emoticon. If I get angry/don't like something, I can only text, which is actually spam.
  10. Good News! Suggestion topic is now verified and will be accepted/rejected soon and community management will discuss this. If you want to make it accepted, you can throw upvote to this topic, not that topic. @[email protected][GökBörü] H4ns' @Aras' @Lucas_17b
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