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  1. https://mega.nz/file/FjxETTII#JxpJxSmBhd0gHQQo5SLSfUdGdtfwMvWbpCfyrtjlivk here it is, I Could not send it because it exeeds file limitations. BTW thanks reinstalling promods fixed it! Thanks so much!
  2. game.crash.txthere is my crash log if anything new is in there, i cannot remove the middle east addon since i dont have it. is going east the same thing?
  3. It has not worked. The error is still the same. I've also tried doing sfc /scannow and it didnt work.
  4. Whenever i try to load into in TruckersMP, my game keeps crashing. "Fatal error" I've attached my crash file game.crash.txt
  5. oh ok then my problem is solved i guess
  6. can you use it in any servers like arcade?
  7. so there is a previous forum on this saying the exact same reason. "Why is the physics not working" i've followed all the steps and it still don't work. It is the 8 version and all of the files are in. its no fun having unrealistic physics
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