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  1. Hallå där. Roligt att se lite liv här. Kommer nog mest se mig på Promods. Samt att ni oftast kommer se mig med större utmanande laster.
  2. I would have to agree with Sbinotto07. But I would recommend to head over to Suggestions and suggest it if you want.
  3. Hello @ROLF_[IN] I have the same issue but as to my knowledge this is an issue with the new sound engine fmod. I believe the developers are aware of this and are working on a solution as fast as possible. The following topic's are about the same issue.
  4. Hello @55six [BR-SP] As to what I can see by viewing that log file. You have an NVIDIA GeForce GT 220 And 4GB of ram in total. ETS2 requires atleast a minimum of: GeForce GTS 450-class (Intel HD 4000) And 4GB of ram for the game itself. As to the log file the game is receiving 1.7GB of ram, that is 2.3GB below minimum. Also the game requires DX11 and what I can find you're grafics card doesn't work that well with DX11. Your grafics card is dated back to 2009. And this is most likely the reason to the crashes. The only solutions for this that I am aware of is
  5. Hello. This is the trucky overlay. Google trucky app to find their website where you can find more information on how it works.
  6. I have heard my fair share of excuses to why someone did stuff but not much with regards to ban's as only the higher team and the user him self can see what's said in ban appeals. But the most normal one to me is that apparently everyone except the person him self is at fault for example an accident. Or one that I encountered a few days ago: Driving a HTC with 2 trains with a weight of 122 Ton's with a around 400 HP engine and a single powering axel on a snowy steep hill doing around 0.1 km/h But the funnies thing for me is those that even knowingly say that they are breaking rules
  7. I agree that this would be usefull in the regards of situations when people might be blocking. I don't believe this will make any big difference in performance depending on how it is implemented. But as some are against it I would recommend a way to turn it off/on on the client's end.
  8. Personally I don't have anything against larger trailers like triples if the driver and people around know how to behave around them. What I am against are people using triples without knowing how to safely drive it. Accidents do happen and there is not much that can be done.
  9. Hello @Prielbhai0672 There is sadly no way to find this as to my knowledge but what you can do is to search thru all email's that it could be for any emails from WOT or contact them by email at: [email protected]
  10. Hello Jedu I haven't tried them all myself to see what gives the most in earnings but I would recommend the refrigerated trailer or bulk trailer as these have a higher possibility for more variants of loads. I would not recommend flatbed.
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