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  1. Hi again. I’ve tried to verify game files, reinstalled both truckersmp and euro truck simulator 2 on steam with deleting all files, also I’ve tried to test it on another account with different settings but seems like nothing helped. I’ve go 2 more questions. Maybe there is some specific setting to change so it will work. And can someone explain all features that “season effects” do, because as I know it adds snowfall, like in the screenshot below.
  2. Hello. I’ve downloaded winter mod with heavy winter addon, everything works fine like it did in previous winter events. But the thing is, season effects is not working. As I know it should add snow falling effect in the game, but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried turning on and off and restarting the game. But seems like it’s not working, what can be wrong, maybe some extra settings that I should add in the game? And if you can explain, please tell me all the things that season effects add to the game. Thanks.
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