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  4. Sure, it already works with DX9 and OGL, but like I said at the end: If it's up to anyone to decide to hold it up or release it based on DX11 support, then it's mwl4's choice. If he thinks it's too hard to get working fast enough, then I'm sure he'll release it without DX11 support, but he obviously doesn't want to do that.
  5. Suggestion Name: Extra gender options in forum profiles Suggestion Description: Since you guys are obviously celebrating pride month on here and on social media, I figured a small extra step you could do to show support would be to add more gender options in profiles for those who identify as them! Options such as nonbinary, transgender, agender or even a simple "other" would be welcome, and I'd imagine fairly easy to implement. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: It's an entirely harmless change and it means a lot to people whose identities are otherwise pushed aside or ignored in daily life. It's also a good way to show tangible support for the LGBT+ community, which helps TMP's image quite a lot.
  6. To clarify for the both of you, DirectX is a graphical API, not a graphical engine. OpenGL and Vulkan are the other popular graphical APIs. I'll explain it more simply in a second, but the technical explanation is that they're the methods via which a GPU can be sent commands and data that tell it how to render a scene. A given GPU has to support the API in order for it to work. DX9, DX10, DX11, DX12, OpenGL and Vulkan all work differently, but can mostly be used to achieve the same results, albeit they're usually better at it the newer the API is. Let's try explaining it... like trying to make a picture on a piece of paper. If you want a replica of the Mona Lisa on a piece of paper, there's so many ways to make that, just like there's so many APIs. You could use a super nice printer, you could use an old printer that's kind of slow, you could have someone screenprint it, or you could even have someone draw it by hand with color pencils and pens. We've had paper and color pencils basically forever, just like DX9, and you could get a very good replica of the Mona Lisa... but it would take FOREVER for someone to do that. If you wanted it done faster, then it'd probably look more like a sketch of the picture, if you had a good enough artist. That artist is like DX9. DX11 is more like a really nice printer. It can do the same job way faster, but it can also do a much better job faster too. It can print a replica of the Mona Lisa in seconds, and if you had a good artist do it with pencils and compare them side by side, they might look the same. But if you told the artist and the printer to do it in the same amount of time, the artist's picture would look much worse. That's what the difference between DX9 and DX11 is, but obviously less extreme. An API is like the final process that makes the picture. A rendering engine is different. Think of it like the way you tell someone or something to make the picture. If you want to tell an artist how to draw the Mona Lisa, you could try describing it, or you could show them it on your phone, or a really nice monitor, or show them a different printout of it. If you wanted to tell the printer how to print it, you could use pretty much any computer, any OS, even a phone. You could have it connected over USB, or ethernet, or wireless. You could print from a web browser, or an image saved on your computer, or email or whatever. The engine is what decides how to make the image, the API is what it uses to make it. That being said, all of this only happens on the computer the game is being played on. If a game engine knows how to render using DX9, OpenGL AND DX11, like this game does, it doesn't matter which it's using, the engine is still using the API to make the same image. No matter which API is in use, the engine still uses the same data to tell the API to make an image. Whether or not you see another truck is not dependent on which API you nor they are using. Their computer is making the image however it can, and yours is making it however it can too. If a game engine made certain things visible under one API and invisible under another, that'd be really bad, and the API where things were invisible would be unusable. The reason all this matters for TruckersMP is because the mod has to know how to use the same API that the game is using in order to show its own HUD and menus and stuff. It has to draw on the image the same way the game is set to draw its image. If DX11 wasn't supported in MP in the next update, then you wouldn't see any of the MP text or menus when you loaded the game in DX11. That's all. Of course, making MP use a new API is just as hard as it was for SCS to make their game engine use a new API. That's the proper explanation. Edit: As a side note, the mod currently supports DX9 and OGL. They didn't have to add OpenGL support, but they did. They could have told everyone who wanted to play the mod to use DX9, but they didn't. I'm sure they'll support DX11 as soon as possible, especially since it's that much faster and better than DX9 and GL.
  7. To be fair, the voice navigation isn't something they have to worry about, that's all the base game's job and that's where it'll stay. DX11 might be what's holding it up, since I don't imagine getting the mod's UI to render in a new pipeline is exactly the easiest thing. But, it was done before with getting it to work in OpenGL though, so I'm sure mwl can do it. I also imagine the added content from the new forestry DLC is holding things up, and the new prefabs for setting NCZs in Washington. On top of that, there's also the new trailers and parts added to both games that they have to make sure are taken into account. In all, there's a lot, yes. Thankfully the forums are nowhere near as full of complaints and whining as before, which was my point. It used to be worse, so I'm sure we'll see an update soon and the community will be mostly thankful as always. Sure, you get some impatient bad eggs, but there'll always be those.
  8. I doubt that'd ever be the case. They've dealt with people whining and complaining and demanding for years, and the problem has been dealt with much better in recent times as opposed to before. There's no way the amount of whining now would get them to quit. That being said, I'm hopeful that it'll be soon, since the weekend is the peak time for people who wanna play in full servers. I'm sure they'd like to see the servers packed this weekend as much as people want to pack them on the new update.
  9. You currently can't, even though there is a wintermod made for ATS. For some reason they only enabled the ETS2 version of it even though the other would take no additional effort. There's a suggestion thread here you can upvote.
  10. That is precisely what I did, and honestly I can understand not allowing it for the base games themselves, what with all the old days of trolls just using alts and such. Doing the same check for DLC though seems a bit overkill, especially when you know everyone who plays already owns the game. I'd like there to be some workaround that allows for me to properly share the DLCs without removing the anti-piracy benefits the DLC check system has. If there was some way to link two TruckersMP accounts and say "this one is sharing DLC with the other" that'd be great, and would save me a lot of money.
  11. So I just played MP the other day, and I had absolutely no issues doing all I wanted to, I would like to make that clear first. As you can see on my profile, I own both games, and since I was able to play fine, it's obvious I own the DLC I use. The problem here isn't with my account, but with someone I share the game with. When she logged on, she got that "you are using DLC you don't own" message, or however it goes. I get that it's for piracy prevention, and that I understand completely. I know you guys don't support sharing the game itself between accounts, which is why I bought her both games as well, so she could validate them on this website, and the World of Trucks site as well. Obviously she wants to be able to play with her own account, with her own friends, and we don't wanna use each other's names for things. However, because the long list of DLC is vastly expensive, and I've bought all of it already, we decided that I'd share the DLC with her, since only one of use plays at a time and it wouldn't make sense to pay twice for it. Using the Steam support site, she removed the ETS2 and ATS packages from her account so the games and DLC would be shared from mine like normal. Any time she needs to validate the games, she goes back on there and re-activates them for however long is needed, then disables them again. My problem is that this latest update has made her unable to play, even though she owns both games, and I own all the DLC. After spending so long playing on her own account, it'd be impossible to just let her play on mine, and in addition, we haven't pirated anything or done anything wrong. There has to be some way to fix this without forcing me to pay the massive amount for the DLC all over again. Below is proof that I own all the DLC, and that she has it all shared to her. Please don't make me pay twice for the DLC, I already did that for the games.
  12. All these changes are pretty good, but I feel like changing names once a week would still solve the issue. It'd be a good middle-ground between people changing it too much and not being able to change it enough.
  13. This one's gonna be a doozy. Ditto what @Gun Powder said.
  14. I'm glad you guys finally have a Discord! I've been using this program near daily for about a year and a half now, so it'll be easier to communicate there than on the forum or having to use Teamspeak.
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