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  1. ^ I think the majority of players in mp is impatient, we all want it NOW NOW NOW!
  2. For everyone who has Logitech G27 and would like to have the RPM LEDs working on their G27, simply download and install FanaLEDs from here http://www.fanaleds.com/ Once installed, Go to Help - Setup games automatically Click Yes and locate your ATS or ETS2 main folder. Now click Yes if your finished, or click No to add the plugin for another game. Once that is done, you can now start ETS2/ATS and there will be a warning/confirmation window stating you have installed it, just simply klik OK and thats it, You can now enjoy your RPM LEDs on G27. You are able to tweak a lot with FanaLEDs, change the RPM peak of colors, force feedback, etc. To change the LED values for RPM go to FanaLEDs, Advanced - Car Settings. and change the values of the RPM first to RPM last, accordingly to your truck. NOTE: every truck will have different values for LED RPM. For those who are too lazy to enter the above details Open FanaLEDs File -> Open settings folder ets2.xml -> add following lines <cars> <car type="default" first="0" second="0" third="0" max="0" shift="0" final="0" threshold="0" angle="0" /> <car type="FH" first="500" second="1500" third="2300" max="2500" shift="0" final="12" threshold="0" angle="0" /> <car type="FH16____Classic" first="500" second="1600" third="2400" max="2500" shift="0" final="12" threshold="0" angle="0" /> <car type="New____Actros" first="500" second="1500" third="2200" max="2400" shift="0" final="12" threshold="0" angle="0" /> <car type="Streamline" first="500" second="1500" third="2350" max="2650" shift="0" final="12" threshold="0" angle="0" /> <car type="TGX" first="500" second="1500" third="2400" max="2600" shift="0" final="12" threshold="0" angle="0" /></cars> FanaLEDs will also work with other game controllers, like thrustmaster. however i only have G27 so i only know how to set it up with that. Hope this helps anyone who wants RPM LEDs working in ETS2 or ATS. I would like to give thanks to SteveTheCruel and Mudatrucker for expanding the configuration to multiple trucks in ETS2
  3. the thing is, i still want sound effects ingame, just want to turn individually the airhorn and reverse gear down abit
  4. Suggestion Name: Sound options Suggestion Description: Sorry if this is a repost. It would be nice to have an option to turn down the volume of blow horns on other players, since some are REALLY high, and almost blows my sound system because i turn it way up in order to hear the rest of in-game sounds like my engine, the road, radio, etc. The only way i can turn down the volume of those damn air horns, is to turn down the entire game volume, and that i dont want to, i still want to hear if some one is honking at me etc. and if its possible to also be able to turn down the volume for reverse beeps on other players. since most of them forget to switch their reverse gear when just parking. im not wanting to turn off completely, but simply turn it abit down, my ears would apprieciate it Any example images: nope Why should it be added?: Better options to meet peoples needs, able to hear that sweet sound of our truck engines without having some one blowing the crap out of our sound system when they use their airhorn.
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