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  1. No i wouldn't do that a several of my friend has downgraded and lost ALL profiles on their account , even profiles they didnät use anymore
  2. How can we who already updated to 1.40 participate it's not recomendeble to downgrade due to loss of profiles or can it be so that TMP 1.40 will be released in time for the festival????
  3. In this way of acting you are letting the trolls win
  4. added quote what are the criterias for beeing a moderator i think moderators should have a drivinglicence for atleast a couple of years i have seen bans that are incorrect to me when checking against traffic rules
  5. Why do you need to do this action? because of people who doesn't know traffic rules. I personaly think that more active moderators would scare of some of the trolls and not competent drivers
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