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  1. is this to drive police car?

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    2. [TSRVTC] Janty

      [TSRVTC] Janty

      You can drive with pilot skin, no police no blue lights if so you get automatic kick from game, you then have to take the police stufff away then save ur game if not every time you join You get kicked

    3. hannibaljazz98
    4. [TSRVTC] Janty

      [TSRVTC] Janty

      But keep in mind, if you have a car with pilot skin, don't act like IGA best thing to do if you want to get people who don't obey by rules, download software like www.playstv.com and once you start your game it records until you exit game, if you see rule breakers do /pinfo <there ig id> example janty[2102], do /pinfo 2102 it then comes up all there info you need when you report them on truckersmp official website.  Any more questions feel free to contact me

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