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  1. So where do people have custom trailers that cannot be done in the configurator? How can I have one? Greetings
  2. I managed to paint my trailer, but I still don't know if there are any official mods for the painted trailer that work on truckersmp. Greetings
  3. Hello, I do not know if this is a good department but I hope that I will get help. From the beginning of my game on truckersmp, I noticed that many people have trailers that are not in the configurator. I looked through a few threads and there are indeed mods for it, but I can't find a suitable mod that would work on truckersmp. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1830030955&searchtext=Trailer+multiplayer&insideModal=0&requirelogin=1 I'm talking about this trailer. Are there any official scs software / truckersmp mods that allow you to paint a trailer, or just download one? I read the regulations on trailers, and I mean more mods with ready-made trailers due to the fact that I cannot do too much painting myself and the regulations do not allow it. Well, are there official mods like this https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1830030955&searchtext=Trailer+multiplayer&insideModal=0&requirelogin=1 or that still work on truckersmp? greetings
  4. CayroMx4

    Low fps

    I guess that should help. I haven't cleaned my laptop for a year, it seems to be the right time to do it. I hope it will help.
  5. CayroMx4

    Low fps

    Still not the best liquidity. These solutions helped a bit, but I still experience declines. I have up to 35-40 fps with strange drops to 30 fps for sp. However, how can I check if an application is running in zero mode etc? I also noticed that lags most often occur where there are a lot of buildings, roads, etc. For example in a city with 0 people but a lot of buildings, I had about 29 fps there. When players on the highway passed me every now and then, the game "stopped for a moment" + there was a drop in fps. Can I fix it somehow? Sorry for my english greetings
  6. CayroMx4

    Low fps

    Truckersmp settings helped a little, especially in places with more people. How can I check if the application is not running in zero mode? And how can I create a permanent folder in a folder other than documents, so that it is created automatically in that folder each time. However, I try not to lower the settings completely to zero to keep the graphics nice. I know my gear is not the best but it should be able to do it on higher settings. greetings
  7. CayroMx4

    Low fps

    I tried your solution, after it in the city of Zurich with no more than 3 people I have about 25 fps. I used to have grass density details for high details high vegetation, high texture, 100% scaling, anisotropic filtering at 1/3 of the mirror range to medium, and low mirror quality. low weather, HDR on, DOF, ssao off and low smaa or something like that. Tried to disable flags, accessories, reduce draw distance etc which has helped in areas where more players are involved. With no one there, I have a steady 40fps, when even 1 player fits, it goes down to 35fps right away. Likewise, when I drive into an empty city. The worst situation is in Germany, where there are the most players. I don't even mention Duisburg and Calais, I haven't even gone there since I changed versions. I could reduce the settings, but I also care about quality. Sometimes when I turn on truckersmp I can't see my profile, I only see it when I go into SP before a game. It started when I created the Euro truck simulator 2 folder elsewhere, but the game itself creates it in the documents (on disk if affected) I did update anyway, but it was some time ago. I updated the drivers of the radeon 540, after updating it I got a bluescreen. but then it was ok. Sorry for my english Have a nice day!
  8. CayroMx4

    Low fps

    Hello, for some time now, I have had quite a lot of fps drops for several months. Before that it was a few fps (it happened after going from 1.40 to 1.39). After some time I decided to move the euro truck simulator 2 folder from the documents (OneDrive) to another place. It even worked, even though ets re-made the folder in the documents itself. Then I thought about the launch options so that the folder will automatically be created where I want. It was fine at first, then it happened again. Apparently it can increase performance but I don't know how to do it. The graphics do not look good though and not too bad, outside the city after 35 fps, however, when I automatically enter a city that is even and empty fps immediately drop. There can be 3-5 people in the city, and yet the fps is dropping. Previously, I could easily stay in cities up to 20 people. I play on a dedicated graphics card (I checked it + in the settings I have set to high performance) I was looking for various guides, disabling fullscreen optimization made the situation worse, I deleted unnecessary files, used ccleaner, I also fumbled with truckersmp settings to improve performance. I always have high priority etc. My "potato" specifications below. 8 gb ram ddr4 256 GB SSD Graphics card dedicated to AMD Radeon 540 and vega 8. Processor: AMD ryzen 2500U, 8 cores.
  9. When I played 1.40 on the lowest settings I was around 60 fps. when I slightly raised them I was around 40. Unfortunately, when I started the truck, the fps dropped significantly even to 10, the game stopped and cut. it happened while driving. The graphics processor is used in 60-70%. Cpu 30% and ram 70%. In task manager, the system needs the most. there are 30 files that consume a few dozen RAM memories etc. The game does not behave badly after a long time. Sometimes, however, when I go, the fps drop and it's quite a lot. The game may pause for a moment, etc. I turned off as many programs as possible.
  10. As far as I remember, I have already done a reinstall, but it probably did not help either. I will reinstall the game and see if the problem is at 1.40.
  11. I did a restart and unfortunately it did not help. and this is what happens on mp and sp. another profile also didn't do anything. I don't have any mods. I will add that I had texture problems before, but I managed to fix it. over 50% of my frame (8gb) consumes the system with the browser. The rest is only a few percent. I ran the game on directx and opengl but that didn't help either. I reinstalled the game but it did not help, the problems are on mp and sp.
  12. hello, I will refer to each solution. It happens on mp and sp, I did reinstall the game but it did not help, I had a problem with textures in Germany before, but it was fixed. I don't have any mods. I checked in the task manager what the situation looks like: when I wrote it, I was using about 50% of the frame, I had only the browser turned on, the rest were mainly system files. It was okay with the rest. Problems happen from reinstalling 1.39 when I wanted to play on mp. I ran the game in open gl and directx, but I didn't notice a big difference. The drop in fps is on sp and mp. Earlier I had 40-60 fps at high settings on sp and mp similarly. Now I'm about 10-20. I play on a dedicated graphics card all the time.
  13. Hi, for some time in ets 2 I have a very small amount of fps. It happened when I played public 1.40 beta everything was even fine then when I returned to 1.39 I experienced huge fps drops. At sp and mp about 10-20 fps on the lowest settings. Previously, I had a steady 40-60 fps at high. I play on a dedicated graphics card all the time, I tried a lot of tutorial optimization but nothing helped. Drivers animated, all set to maximum performance. Adding a framework, decreasing settings, typing commands and other tutorials did not help. at 1.40 fps it was lower but that's rather normal. When I moved back to 1.39 I was around 10-20fps. week is trying to fix it but nothing has helped. I am asking you because I do not know what can help. I hope I wrote it in the good section.
  14. Spójność sprawdzałem kilka razy. Dodam że przed tym grałem troche na 1.40 potem znow przelaczylem sie na 1.39 zeby grac na MP i wtedy zaczely sie problemy z zapisem. Teraz natomiast mam problem z głównie drogami, ciężarówki i budynki chyba są okej. Przed chwilą zrobiłem reinstall ale to równiez nie pomogło. i co do fps - caly czas gram na dedykowanej karcie graficznej. Mimo to mam okolo 10 fps na SP kiedy na multi mialem okolo 40-50.
  15. Po tym rozwiązaniu wszystko świetnie działa prócz tekstur oraz wydajności, udało mi się zagrać na moim profilu z troche starym save ale niestety w grze nie ma teksutr wszystko jest zielone białe lub fioletowe, w dodatku nastąpił ogromny spadek fps. Przed tym od nowa instalowałem ets2. Sprawdzałem spójność plików gry ale to też nic nie dało. https://zapodaj.net/fd8c6fc098697.png.html Plik był za duży wiec przesyłam z zapodaj. Nie wiem zbytnio czym to może być spowodowane, nie jeden raz robiłem reinstall czy inne rzeczy i z czymś takim jeszcze sie nie spotkałem.
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