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  1. Thanks for information. . Dear GM - This topic has been completed.
  2. Once someone has answered my second question, you can send the topic to the archive or delete it. Why was my first answer sent twice ??? How can this be?
  3. Did that file download to my computer or did it appear by itself while running TMP?
  4. Hello. I occasionally clear the% temp% folder. While cleaning today, I came across such a file. Do you think deleting this file could be a problem in the future? I know that the files in the% temp% folder are for temporary memory. But the size of the file surprised me and I wanted to be sure. I am trying to learn to participate in the forum. If I've shared something wrong, please let me know.
  5. I did it all and checked again. But it was not fixed. Just changed the error code. New error code : 521
  6. I did it all and checked again. But it was not fixed. Just changed the error code.
  7. reis sendei hata bendede var eger cozumu bulursan banada yazabilirmsin

    1. [FT-12] Max_BoosterTR/AZ
    2. [FT-12] Max_BoosterTR/AZ

      [FT-12] Max_BoosterTR/AZ

      Bende sorun kendiliğinden hall olmuştur. Akşama doğru tekrar bir girmeye çalıştım bu sefer güncelleye bastığımda güncelledi ve girdim. Sende durum nasıl ? Hall oldumu ?

  8. I pressed the "ok" button again and again. But this article came again. Please help.
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