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  1. The point is, there are around 46 admins. It doesn't take a genius to realise something needs to be done. I'm not asking for admins to monitor the junction 24/7 but only when needed. The admins are there to make sure all players have a pleasurable gaming experience, admins are to uphold the community and eliminate 'trolls'.
  2. I wont be the first or last to say, the road between Calais and Duisburg is a complete cluster f*ck. There are certain times of the day where it is near impossible to pass safely. The main culprit is the small A1 junction, it is a magnet for trolls. Horn / Mic / Ramming / Blocking, you name it, its all there. Something needs to be done about this. From around 4PM - 7PM GMT is when traffic starts to build, everyone is trying to push in. I hardly ever see admins around the area when they're needed. The only admin I ever see is Burner, nevertheless this is later in the day. I think there should be an admin monitoring this area when its needed the most. At least make the presence of authority known by parking next to the main disaster area, this would more than likely cut some of the trolling. Anyone else with suggestions to battle this atrocity let yourself be known down below. Thanks,
  3. The problem is fixed, I'm not exactly sure what it was specifically. Thanks for all your support.
  4. I've basically done all of this, I appreciate your advice.
  5. So I was in game when it all of a sudden stopped responding. I tried the usual, reinstall... But when I restarted my PC I couldn't log into my local account. Windows generated a temp account, I tried everything to recover windows however I still couldn't log in. Having the concussion of I had accidentally downloaded something I shouldn't have, I reinstalled windows. I reinstalled all my programs and drivers, everything was fine. I then decided to play ets2mp but didn't have the mod due to the reinstall. I downloaded the latest launcher from the main site. At first I was having problems installing the mod through the launcher. The launcher kept on stopping at random files. I eventually managed to complete the install, I didn't launch the game as I was installing an audio driver, the driver required me to restart my PC, after my PC restarted, I was prompted with the logon screen - entered my password... then out of nowhere windows couldn't log me in, it put me back in a temp account. I uninstalled the mod through the temp account and singed out. I could log in. Whats the issue with the mod and how can this be fixed?
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