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  1. Thank you for your follow

  2. Congrats  for 100 Folowers

  3. Happy new year. I wish you a new start in 2021,
  4. Now TMP has installed S3 server, but it may not be able to stop people who are willing to drive in Calais Duisburg. However, in the past, it has changed. Now the traffic volume will be much less than before. I remember that before the design of S3 server, the number of people in S1 Calais 300, and people can't walk around because they only have 5fps, best regards Bruijn Logistics :Zonda R
  5. Well, the above forum players have explained clearly that this triangle flag needs to buy DLC. You can buy it according to their website above, and then install it in the online repair shop. Have a good time in European truck simulation best regards Bruijn Logistics :Zonda R
  6. As far as I'm concerned, my personal driving habit is that once I meet a player, I will abide by the traffic lights, but if there is no player, it's boring to wait all the time, so I may choose to run the red light. best regards Bruijn Logistics :Zonda R
  7. Hello, valskraa capo, because the S1 server has been full for a long time. In order to reduce the players' game experience, TMP officially set up S3 server. I think this is a good way, but many people still like to enter S1 server, because the road from Calais to Duisburg of S1 is always the most crowded, which should be that the players prefer the congested road or this sense of experience, The above is just my personal opinion best regards Bruijn Logistics :Zonda R
  8.                                                                                New Logistics company, New beginning



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Bruijn Logistics

    1. [GökBörü] Batusch.

      [GökBörü] Batusch.

      o/ye very nice truck ❤️ 

  9. I hope you don't do that next time
  10. I usually pull a partner to run together, because it's boring to run by myself, and I usually drive 5000km and have a rest, best regards Player: Zonda R
  11. I wish you a good start in the new year
  12. I usually use the flash to greet him, but I usually use the horn because I feel that the flash is not polite, best regards Player: Zonda R
  13. congratulations 

  14. congratulations

  15. congratulations

  16.                                                                                       My new truck I like it🥰  Freightliner Cascadia®





  17. I wish you a happy new year, a new beginning and a new starting point. I wish you all the best in the new year


    Happy new year

         Zonda R

    1. Λ S L Λ N

      Λ S L Λ N

      Happy New Year 2021  :P 

  18. Happy new year😍

  19. Happy new year mate🤩

  20. The interface of the forum has also been changed. It looks very simple and I like it very much. However, if you want to find the discussion area or other areas, it's very troublesome. I don't know what you think best regards Player: Zonda R
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