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  13. I feel very privileged to live where I do. We don't have hurricanes, we don't have extreme cold, we don't have tornados, and we don't have earthquakes of the sizes as we have seen on the news the last days. 


    Today I got in contact with a tmp friend for the first time since Monday. I was relieved, but I'm also worried, terrified and frustrated. While I sit here, comfortably in my gaming chair, I have a tmp friend that uses every minute to fight against time to search for and rescue people that have survived the quake, but are trapped. 


    There are now more people dead after the quake than there are people living in my city. And we know that number will be bigger with time. And after all people that can be saved, get saved - there are families gone, houses gone, jobs gone, electricity, water.. with over 50.000 people injuried.. i can imagine a health care sector on its knees. 

    I hope and wish that all the people helping out, risking own lifes to help other, stay safe. And I feel for everyone that have lost someone, still searching for someone.. I feel you. 



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