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  1. Hab eine schönen Geburtstag 🥳❤️

    1. [RSL] DanieCeBus

      [RSL] DanieCeBus

      Jo! Dankeschön!

  2. Happy Birthday 🎂 

    1. [RSL] DanieCeBus

      [RSL] DanieCeBus

      Thanks L-Drag!

    2. L-DragO*


      your welco🙏me 

  3. I forgot that you had Birthday.

    late happy birthday greetings!

  4. I dont know if i do correct but how i can do then? I have to change the Names and then it says if i replace the files but then comes the Error in TMP Launcher
  5. I think they should rebulid the Duisburg-Calais Road because ist Only 2 Lines and you have no options to overtake someone. And the Gas Station they should do an NCZ, then you dont have to wait if a fuel pump is free. It would be important for me to expand the road to at least 4 lanes, that means everyone has 2 lanes on one side and can overtake. Special descents to the gas station so that there are fewer traffic jams.
  6. Wieso Retired Team Member?

    Hast du das Team verlassen?

  7. Happy New Year!

    Have a great Time in Year 2022

    1. Gani.


      happy new year! 

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  8. Thanks for your follow

  9. Moin! Danke für deinen Follow. Dir noch einen Schönen Tag.

  10. Thanks for your Follow.

    The TMP Team is Welcome on my Profile.

    Stay Safe


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