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  1. De mon temps c'était largement suffisant pour un ban... les temps ont changé
  2. Hi!  Nothing about trucking, but I need your point of view! How do you find that?


    1. Caernage


      Modern, it looks like a smooth repaint and in coherence with the France's colors flag

    2. ¦EUROTRANS¦ chatyo [FR]
    3. ¦EUROTRANS¦ chatyo [FR]
  3. o/ Launch steam, then go to library, right click on ETS2, then properties, betas, and select 1.36 - incompatible for mods It has worked fine for me
  4. Moi je fais en Anglais, quand je fais un report, c'est à dire presque jamais lol
  5. Moi aussi j'ai la flemme xD Et faut-il encore trouver le temps de jouer
  6. You need to take a look of that :




    It's pretty finish! What do you think guys?

  7. Look after yourself and wish you could go back to the team.

    1. ¦EUROTRANS¦ chatyo [FR]

      ¦EUROTRANS¦ chatyo [FR]

      Thanks CrystaL,

      wish you a good day with TruckersMP!

  8. Hello TruckersMP, particularly the Staff.


    I’ve today leave the TruckersMP team, the reason is simple : I wasn’t sure to assure the work in the future months, due to my final exams. So due to my future lack of time, I wouldn’t be a brake for the Media Team.


    I will thanks all the Staff, particularly @Sgt_Tailor who was my manager during the previous 8 months, and LaxZ, the actual one.

     Thanks @David Edson too, it was really nice to work with you on some projects.

    And thanks @Digital for all the events that you organized, and the related assets that we have created by that possibilities.



    Thanks for everything TruckersMP.

  9. f'tomy joyeux anniversaire ! :)subse

    1. Domi7237


      SOLUT TU merci f'tomy fait chauffer la 308 hopla WGCC SUBSE !

  10. You've just to open the TAB to know
  11. unknown.png

    Work in progress :)

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    2. ¦EUROTRANS¦ chatyo [FR]

      ¦EUROTRANS¦ chatyo [FR]

      Hey thanks for all the comments !

      Look at the new version B)



    3. [FR] Léoloulou2

      [FR] Léoloulou2

      Udpload ! Please !

    4. ¦EUROTRANS¦ chatyo [FR]

      ¦EUROTRANS¦ chatyo [FR]

      Will do soon :) Hope when i've time!

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