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  1. Good afternoon! Below will be links to screenshots of what I see. The link refers to my Steam account, on which the ETS2 is bought, through the same account I play and run ETS2. For example, through the Steam client, I took a screenshot yesterday and today it was uploaded by Steam to the Internet. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198242055036/screenshots The same profile is referenced by a link from the profile to the TMP, below a link to the screenshot. http://joxi.ru/52abwyXHkD7OgA Yesterday, I re-exited the Steam profile and entered the mail to whic
  2. Good afternoon! Unfortunately, I never understood what the problem was... id Steam is correct, refers to my profile which is publicly open, I have family viewing disabled. I just don't have any other Steam accounts. And what do I do now, delete my TMP account and re-start?
  3. Good afternoon! When trying to connect through a client, TruckersMP writes the following: "The current steam account does not mutch your TruskersMP account". Read on the form about this message, but did not understand where in the profile on the site truckersmp.com see which Steam account I have a connection to. In general, I am confused (((And I ask for forgiveness in advance for my English, I use a translator. Thanks for your help.
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